Losing weight is not as difficult as finding the motivation to workout. Even with numerous fitness apps available in the market, it can become a hard task to gather the willpower and motivation to actually deploy those apps in the daily routine. Sometimes rewards serve as the best kick to push you in gear. Alleviate your dwindling bank account and alongside be fit and healthy with these best fitness apps.

  • Nexercise

This fitness training app is more like a game than a workout. This training app gives you the reward of discounted gym memberships, energy bars, spa treats, healthy dining options, etc. after you have spent just 15 minutes in motion. The best part of this app is that it counts any activity as exercise whether you are walking your dog or sprinting on the hill. The app is available on both Google Play and App Store.

  • Virgin Pulse

Unlike other fitness apps, this app is designed to keep workforce healthy and fit. Employers enroll their employees in this reward program cum fitness app where users are rewarded Virgin health miles for calories tracked, exercise tracked and other special milestones completed. Users can trade in their reward miles for gift cards.

  • Higi

This fitness app rewards users for a number of health-related tasks. Higi syncs with other fitness tracker apps and rewards you with points for every step taken and exercise completed. Throughout the city, there are numerous Higi check-in stations that allows you to get your Higi score which includes your BMI, pulse rate and blood pressure. This app, however, doesn’t allow you to trade in your reward points for gift cards or cash instead you can redeem your points for coupons or health products.

  • GymPact

Nothing sounds better than cash in your bank account that is earned alongside increased health. GymPact is one of the best fitness apps that offer cash rewards for sticking to your exercise routine. This app also slaps with a lazy tax if the individual has signed up and hasn’t been active. It works this way. When you sign up, you commit to GymPact to hit the gym 3 times a week for 45 minutes. When you do, the money is transferred to your PayPal account. When you don’t, a pre-decided amount is deducted from your account. This app is perfect for people who needs a monetary punch to get them going.

  • AchieveMint

This fitness app awards reward points for a variety of things such as weight, calories and even being social about your health achievements. Once a user reaches 50,000 points, they can redeem the reward points for $50 visa card. You can also connect AchieveMint profile to your Fitbit to earn rewards for every step taken.

It can be rather frustrating when you have tried everything to stay on a health plan and failed. With fitness apps offering reward programs, get healthy now, increase your lifespan and enjoy those extra bucks that you earn as a reward!

Unbeatable features of food delivery apps

Still wondering if a food delivery app is worth the investment or not? Here are all the unbeatable features that will convince you it’s time to benefit from these apps.


  • Mouthwatering pictures

Just looking at visually appealing food can make you hungry; it’s true. Food delivery apps know how to harness this human behavior all too well. As a chef or a restaurant owner, you can display each item on the menu in a mouthwatering and appealing way so that it moves the user to buy your food.

Unlike printing, which can also get very expensive, you don’t have to worry about a ruined original picture of the food.

  • Relevancy

Food delivery apps with an inbuilt feature of showing only relevant content according to previous purchases, lets the consumers get what they like without having to do a lot of searches. If someone likes a food item on your menu, they will get an individualized and relevant suggestion that will encourage new purchases.

For restaurant owners, food delivery apps also act as driver delivery apps. Fill in for the delivery app job yourself or hire someone for food delivery app jobs – it is up to you.

Through the food delivery driver app or in other words delivery job app, you can ensure food is delivered on time and with care. The delivery man will have to be answerable to you only for any carelessness, so you get a lot of control with the app for delivery driver.

Thus, ultimately, the quality of your customer service and delivery driver app jobs will be in your own hands.

  • Scheduled deliveries

With food delivery apps, you can say goodbye to the days of constant customer inquiries about their orders. The tracking option lets your customer track the delivery man and pinpoint is the location on the map.

Your customer can have his peace of mind, and your staff can work on other orders without being interrupted over and over again.

  • Deliver food to the right place, at the right time

Consumers can order the food they desire wherever they want and whenever they want. In our opinion, ordering food has ever been this easy.

Food delivery apps, of course, facilitate this feature and we can’t really think of any other medium that offers the same freedom and ease. It is no wonder consumers are increasingly opting for mobile ordering because of the convenience and quick service they offer.

  • Push notifications

Have coupons, special discounts, or deals? Send a push notification about it and be prepared to witness increased sales. Want to re-engage the customer? Send a brief notification about their abandoned cart ask if they would like to continue ordering.

When received at the right time, push notification does not only boost engagement by leaps and bounds but have a wide variety of uses which could potentially increase your ROI.





Improving workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is important for any and every business to flourish. Employees are like cogs of a wheel – if they don’t perform sufficiently, the wheel will either slow down or stop altogether. In business terms, things will take a downward spiral.

Workplace productivity is the sweet spot a lot of employers don’t manage to hit. When this happens, figures like these in reports pop up: disengaged employees cause a loss of productivity translates to costing the US $450 -$550 billion each year.

Those employers who do find the secret of workplace productivity the results are astounding. For example, employers who increase employee engagement investments by even 10% witnessed an increase in profits by $2400 per employee. That was one of the 6 Eye-Opening Employee Engagement Statistics.

Are you sufficiently motivated to work on your employee productivity? Here is how you can:

Do not micromanage

It can be tough to draw the line between overseeing your workers and controlling each and every move of theirs. When the line is crossed, an unhealthy and abnormal workplace dynamic is set up. Employees become overly dependent on employers. Expecting a spoon feeding, workers stop making their own decisions.

While it is important that all the big decisions go through an approval, you need to give employees space and work on their own without breathing down their neck.

Set up a reward based system

Mothers do it, teachers do it, there’s no reason employers shouldn’t do it. Set up a reward based system for your employees to give them the incentive to work harder. It is a primal, evolutionary trait humans have: if a stimulus fires up the neuropathways associated with the reward system, chances are they will seek it again and again.

Provide tools

Sometimes the reasons behind a deficiency in productivity are not as simple as a lack of incentives. Maybe the employee is trying hard, but still not able to produce results. There are many obstacles and time wasters in the way. For example, according to Centre for Creative Leadership, 96% of workers agree unnecessary emails waste their time.

Sit with your employees, have weekly or monthly scheduled meeting to discuss ideas and ways for better output. Provide tools for productivity like time management and monitoring software and apps. Many of these are tailored especially for both small and medium-sized businesses that target the common pain points associated with productivity. In fact, we found this list of 7 tools that we think are worth investing in for a better work rate.

Stress is the ultimate enemy

Stress is the biggest workplace health concern; something employers and employees, alike, agree on. In fact, 30% of employees are very stressed. So much so that it is interrupting with their normal workplace functioning and focus, according to Bank of America.

Work on ways to relieve stress from the workplace; happy workers equal to a happy bottom line.

Local SEO and why businesses need it

SEO is a traditionally important tool used for search engine visibility. It has been long used in combination with other forms of digital marketing to keep up with this continuous race of visibility.

Local SEO is different than SEO and cannot be used interchangeably with it. In fact, local SEO aims at increasing visibility locally by offering a very specific, location-based optimization. This precisely aimed approach lets customers view your business when they want to, on their terms. In contrast, SEO is less precise and less restrictive of the audience it targets.

Local SEO has a host of benefits for small and big businesses alike. Here are a few that will compel you to list your business on Google ASAP:

  1. It is the new yellow pages

Read this figure from Bright Local: 83% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business. Just as in the yellow pages people rarely ever read to the bottom of the list, with internet searches too people rarely ever go past the first page – let alone second. It is imperative that your business must appear in one of the top search results.

This visibility can, of course, be achieved through local SEO.

  1. Better lead conversion

The beauty of local SEO is your business appears to people when they need it. Every marketer knows this is an excellent window of opportunity for lead conversion because the consumer is most receptive. In fact, read this: 72% of consumers regard to search engine results as their first choice for obtaining information on local sellers.

With a purchase already in mind, if a person manages to find your business ranked top, your chances getting a click and consequent lead conversion will improve substantially.

  1. Consumers prefer local merchants

You, as a local business have the upper hand here. There are some items that have to be purchased locally because they are perishable and it just doesn’t make sense to order groceries or flowers from another city, does it? This preference of local items is not just limited to perishable items, actually. Even with other types of products, local merchants are preferred.

  1. Consumers trust online reviews greatly

This aforementioned trust in online reviews if put into numbers, is 88% of consumers, according to another one of Bright Local’s surveys.

One of the key steps involves in optimizing your business locally is customer reviews. The more positive reviews and stars you have, the better your ranking. Consumer reviews are the new word of mouth in this case.

When you combine the above number and this knowledge about the importance of word of mouth, the conclusion is clear and resounding. Your business needs to execute local SEO in order to target the behemoth of local consumers.



Boosting your sales with social media

When surveyed, 78% of consumers said social media has at least some influence on their purchase decisions. This survey accompanied with the number of social media users – 2.46 billion by the way – indicates what we knew already: social media is crucial in boosting sales.

The next step is to employ this platform to boost sales.


  • Video marketing

Users spend a lot of time watching videos; it is their preferred medium. Think about it: one-third of all activity online is watching videos. No wonder so many marketing professionals (51%) name video the most ROI generating content.

For a couple of years now, we have known the power and reach of this form of visual content. Many marketers have already employed this opportunity to get positive returns by creating useful, engaging, and fun content. The result is skyrocketing returns.


  • In-channel shopping

As more and more people get influenced by the social media in their purchasing decisions, it becomes easier to convert these leads into solid ones. The integration of in-channel purchases lets people shop without switching apps. Many of the popular social media platforms and websites like Pinterest already have these aforementioned integrations. Consequently, social media is ever increasing in its importance as an e-commerce medium


  • Mobile phones

For quite a while now mobile phones haven’t been about just texting and calling. For many, this device is the main access point to social media. People are not just accessing social media through phones, but they are more receptive to sharing when using this medium.
Considering this, a social advertising campaign dedicated to mobile phones only or at least compatible with a mobile phone is certainly one thing to work on.


  • Influencer marketing

Amongst many other new things, online social interaction has given rise to influencers. These are non-celebrity, regular people who have a following up to thousands. Hiring these people to endorse a brand amongst their small clan of followers has given rise to a different type of marketing: social influencer marketing. YouTube stars, famous bloggers, popular pet profiles – all these internet celebrities have only one thing in common. An impressive grasp of how to communicate with people and a massive fan following that eagerly listens to what they have to say.

There are many influencer marketing companies who help businesses achieve these goals. If you intend to employ the services of a social influencer for your brand, it is important to first consult an influencer marketing agency. They are most equipped with various tools such as influencer search engine and influencer marketing software to guide businesses.


There are many exciting opportunities being presented as new features are added to social mediums with each update. Is your company ready to avail them?