When surveyed, 78% of consumers said social media has at least some influence on their purchase decisions. This survey accompanied with the number of social media users – 2.46 billion by the way – indicates what we knew already: social media is crucial in boosting sales.

The next step is to employ this platform to boost sales.


  • Video marketing

Users spend a lot of time watching videos; it is their preferred medium. Think about it: one-third of all activity online is watching videos. No wonder so many marketing professionals (51%) name video the most ROI generating content.

For a couple of years now, we have known the power and reach of this form of visual content. Many marketers have already employed this opportunity to get positive returns by creating useful, engaging, and fun content. The result is skyrocketing returns.


  • In-channel shopping

As more and more people get influenced by the social media in their purchasing decisions, it becomes easier to convert these leads into solid ones. The integration of in-channel purchases lets people shop without switching apps. Many of the popular social media platforms and websites like Pinterest already have these aforementioned integrations. Consequently, social media is ever increasing in its importance as an e-commerce medium


  • Mobile phones

For quite a while now mobile phones haven’t been about just texting and calling. For many, this device is the main access point to social media. People are not just accessing social media through phones, but they are more receptive to sharing when using this medium.
Considering this, a social advertising campaign dedicated to mobile phones only or at least compatible with a mobile phone is certainly one thing to work on.


  • Influencer marketing

Amongst many other new things, online social interaction has given rise to influencers. These are non-celebrity, regular people who have a following up to thousands. Hiring these people to endorse a brand amongst their small clan of followers has given rise to a different type of marketing: social influencer marketing. YouTube stars, famous bloggers, popular pet profiles – all these internet celebrities have only one thing in common. An impressive grasp of how to communicate with people and a massive fan following that eagerly listens to what they have to say.

There are many influencer marketing companies who help businesses achieve these goals. If you intend to employ the services of a social influencer for your brand, it is important to first consult an influencer marketing agency. They are most equipped with various tools such as influencer search engine and influencer marketing software to guide businesses.


There are many exciting opportunities being presented as new features are added to social mediums with each update. Is your company ready to avail them?