Workplace productivity is important for any and every business to flourish. Employees are like cogs of a wheel – if they don’t perform sufficiently, the wheel will either slow down or stop altogether. In business terms, things will take a downward spiral.

Workplace productivity is the sweet spot a lot of employers don’t manage to hit. When this happens, figures like these in reports pop up: disengaged employees cause a loss of productivity translates to costing the US $450 -$550 billion each year.

Those employers who do find the secret of workplace productivity the results are astounding. For example, employers who increase employee engagement investments by even 10% witnessed an increase in profits by $2400 per employee. That was one of the 6 Eye-Opening Employee Engagement Statistics.

Are you sufficiently motivated to work on your employee productivity? Here is how you can:

Do not micromanage

It can be tough to draw the line between overseeing your workers and controlling each and every move of theirs. When the line is crossed, an unhealthy and abnormal workplace dynamic is set up. Employees become overly dependent on employers. Expecting a spoon feeding, workers stop making their own decisions.

While it is important that all the big decisions go through an approval, you need to give employees space and work on their own without breathing down their neck.

Set up a reward based system

Mothers do it, teachers do it, there’s no reason employers shouldn’t do it. Set up a reward based system for your employees to give them the incentive to work harder. It is a primal, evolutionary trait humans have: if a stimulus fires up the neuropathways associated with the reward system, chances are they will seek it again and again.

Provide tools

Sometimes the reasons behind a deficiency in productivity are not as simple as a lack of incentives. Maybe the employee is trying hard, but still not able to produce results. There are many obstacles and time wasters in the way. For example, according to Centre for Creative Leadership, 96% of workers agree unnecessary emails waste their time.

Sit with your employees, have weekly or monthly scheduled meeting to discuss ideas and ways for better output. Provide tools for productivity like time management and monitoring software and apps. Many of these are tailored especially for both small and medium-sized businesses that target the common pain points associated with productivity. In fact, we found this list of 7 tools that we think are worth investing in for a better work rate.

Stress is the ultimate enemy

Stress is the biggest workplace health concern; something employers and employees, alike, agree on. In fact, 30% of employees are very stressed. So much so that it is interrupting with their normal workplace functioning and focus, according to Bank of America.

Work on ways to relieve stress from the workplace; happy workers equal to a happy bottom line.