Ever since the introduction of smartphones, the entire world has revolutionized. People belonging to all age groups have become addicted to the usage of smartphones. While it exists as an excellent medium of communication, the negative effects it bears on young children cannot be denied. Children are found to spend a lot of time on their phones, exposing their naked eye to the screen and watching all sorts of content available on the web. It hinders their upbringing and grows them into anxious and frantic individuals. Although the app store is full of educational apps for kids that can help them utilize the screen time into a constructive one, seldom parents encourage the idea and as a result, seldom kids use these apps.

As a parent, you may not be able to completely restrict the screen time as most of the learning in schools is also done on apps. Let’s have a look at 5 strategic ways how you can prevent smartphone addiction:

  • Encourage family time

Majority of the children face the need of using mobile phones because they do not get the required attention from their family members. The best parenting control measure is to encourage family time by keeping desktop PC in the living room, encourage children to play with their toys there, encourage everyone to sit in the same room and have dinner together, etc.

  • Enroll them in fun sports clubs

Your child needs physical activity to stay healthy and to help them grow into a smart and active human being. The key is to figure out which sports your child is most interested in and get him/her enrolled in a fun sports club. This way your child won’t feel the need to spend hours glued to a smartphone.

  • Use educational apps

There exist numerous educational apps for kids that teaches them several things and turn the screen time into a learning time. This also helps them to stay ahead in class and ace the subject matter. While it may not reduce the screen time, it will result in them learning something constructive that will help them later in their lives.

  • Set time brackets

In this era of technology, it might become difficult to completely waive off mobile phone usage, the key idea is to set a timeframe in which your child can use the phone. Of course, try communication this to your child in a conversational manner rather than imposing.

  • Set passwords

To cope up with technology, use technology. Several apps allow parents to keep a check on their child’s activity and put passwords to ensure the child watches only age-appropriate content.

  • Be a good example

The best teaching is the one shown by one’ own actions. If you want your child to lessen the screen time, do so yourself and be a good example for your child to follow.

It is important that parenting control tips are followed to ensure your child lives a healthy life and turn into a calm and well-manner individual.


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