Fashions in jewelry come and go but what stays constant is the classic trend of wearing diamond earrings. These are classy, versatile and goes with almost everything. A rather new trend taking the market by storm is of chocolate diamonds. These types of diamonds are slowly and gradually replacing white diamonds because of their uniqueness and their affordable price tag. Since these diamonds enjoy widespread popularity, they have become a perfect gift option for anyone.

Whether you are buying a birthday, anniversary or a graduation present, there’s no better option than chocolate diamond earrings. Women wear them on different occasions and love flaunting bespoke earrings with their dresses. But with numerous different styles and cuts of the jewelry, how can you decide which is the best option to purchase and gift to your loved one? Below mentioned are some of the factors you must consider before choosing an earring as a gift:

Diamond Shapes

The shape of earrings differs for people according to their face shape. It’s an important factor to consider the person’s face shape before buying the earring pair. Does the person have a round, oval, heart-shaped or square-shaped face? If she has a round face, emphasize on the cheekbones by getting princess-cut diamonds. For a wider face shape, the cushion-cut diamond shape is the best bet.

Metal karat

This is decided keeping the budget in mind. The more the karat of gold, the more expensive the jewelry will be. The most common karat options are 10K, 14K, 18K or 24K. It will determine if the earring has more gold content and will narrate the price of the earring accordingly. A chocolate diamond earring is usually priced economically and won’t cost a fortune.


While it totally depends upon your own choice, the style of the earring will usually determine the price that you will pay for the earring. Le Vian is famous for the variety of designs and mind-blowing cuts it provides to the customer. You can choose the style depending upon the person’s liking or the occasion, for example, a small stud as a graduation gift, big pair of bespoke earrings as an anniversary gift, etc.


Brown diamonds come in many shades of brown but when it comes to chocolate diamond, they come in only deep hues of brown. They are carefully extracted from the Argyle mine in Australia after a thorough process which becomes the reason for their unique color. When in doubt, choose an earring with small diamonds so that it can suit the person’s skin tone well.

Beautiful Present To Make Somebody’s Day!

The power of a gift cannot be denied. Speak volumes about your love and show affection with beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry that adds glitz to your loved one’s life. Le Vian corporation’s chocolate diamond pieces are a thing of beauty that have taken over the diamond industry. Check out and choose your favorite piece from a variety of unique designs.

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