Apple app store is one the most quickly growing apps marketplace that is home to millions of apps belonging to different categories and types. App store is the best platform to upload your app, but your excellent app may witness demise if it is not marketed in the right manner. Marketing mobile apps online is not as easy as it sounds. A great deal of research and right tactics are needed to create a kickass mobile app marketing strategy that can take your app to unparalleled heights in a matter of minutes.

It goes without saying that without a stellar app, even excellent marketing won’t bring any fruits. Once you are done developing an amazing app, focus all your energy in marketing the app to the right market segment. Luckily, there exists a number of budget-friendly ways to market your mobile app and try to rule the app supremacy reign.

Ways to effectively market your iOS app

While it comes as no surprise that an excellent code will go a long way in alleviating the number of app downloads, a strong marketing plan will ensure that your app’s buzz is created. To make your iOS app the talk of the town, try out these tips for efficient and quicker results.

  • Start with a blog

A blog or a website can prove to be the perfect medium to let people know about your existence. The key idea is to include relevant information about your app in an SEO friendly language.

  • Social Media

This is the generation of social media and marks as one of the most important tools to market an app. Share every new detail about your app on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. If the ad is attractive enough, it will be shared and will increase the reach of your app.

  • Video

80% of people watch videos rather than reading a text. To make people aware of your app, try including a cool, informative yet short animated video. You can use this video to explain the app, exhibit its attributes or simply create your brand identity.

  • App store optimization

Just like Google ranks websites, app store also ranks websites based on its optimization. You must optimize the search visibility of your app.

  • App name

While it sounds pretty obvious, you must choose a striking and rememberable name for your app. The right name for your app is the one which sounds catchy and has an important keyword in it.


Since the app store is rapidly growing and new apps enter the market every day, it is imperative that a strong mobile app marketing plan is put in place. This will ensure that the app is well-recognized, and people not only download the app but stay loyal to it as well. The customer of today is a lot more informed than their forefathers. To cater to their requirements, you must go a mile ahead in marketing the app perfectly.

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