How many times has this happened to you? You’re talking to this insanely attractive person and the conversation feels a little weird. You really want this to be the person with whom you’re going to be spending the next weekend. No matter how hard you try, the conversation just isn’t going where you want it to go. Maybe he is being awkward in his conversation, or maybe you’re trying to talk about your favorite watering hole and she is trying to lure you to buy an Indian brand of Herbal Tea. Or even worse, your prospect just shared with you his sob story of being an African prince, who has lost his kingdom. All his billions of dollars are in a frozen account and he just needs you to give him your account details so he can transfer all that crazy money into it. Of course, he’s more than willing to share that money with you.

Cheers! You have just unearthed another or maybe, your first bot. In a world swarming with fake profiles, this is something that is going to happen to you.

Like any other social networking platform, where humans interact and chat with each other, online dating app platforms are a hotbed for crafty programmers and software engineers to send their nifty little chat-bots. Additionally, we all know that platforms that claim anonymity are a den of spammers, scammers and catfishers. All of them after your personal details for one reason or another. According to a report from 2012, almost one out of ten online profiles were fake and it has only gotten worse since then. Another report said that online users lose $50 million to romance scammers annually.

According to a cyber-security report in 2017, bots were responsible for around 52 percent traffic on the internet for the year 2016. Now those are some huge statistics that cannot be ignored.

What are Bots?

Bots are, simply put, pieces of software with a job. The bot will talk to you, via text or verbally in case of an advanced bot, and achieve the tasks that it has been ordered to perform. Most bots have ominous missions. They crawl the information highway, to gather information about the users like their addresses, credit card information or any other information that can be useful. If your flirt app match carries on an awkward conversation and then sends you some links to click on, do not click at all. These shady links might take you to a website which uses cookies to download all your personal information, or worse, these links could download a virus on your device and infect them.

How do I recognize a Bot?

Although, the links are a dead giveaway, a bot will never announce itself as such.

Some bots can have the profile pictures of celebrities, or professional head shots, or just one pic.

Also, notice any grammar or spelling mistakes in the bio, or just a single link.

Another way to spot a bot is that you start getting a heap of messages the instant you connect, dirty talk, immediate invitation to sex, or an immediate proclamation of love and the suggestion to take it to the next level.

Chatting like a human is still hard for a bot. It may use repetitive sentences or common responses. It can miss an obvious joke or suddenly switch the topic. Since bots are developed with an obvious mission, you may find your chat-mate obsessed with just one or a few topics.

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