Despite the name, Chocolate Diamond® is not the most popular diamond type and not everyone deems it worthy of investing in. Most of the people who buy it do so because of the have fallen in love with its warm, dense color. Chocolate Diamonds® have made it to the press too but only a handful of times, the last being 2018 when Rihanna wore a Chocolate Diamond® necklace to the red carpet. Whether you have always been a fan of this shade of diamonds or were inspired by Rihanna’s jewelry, here is a list of 10 Chocolate Diamond® ring ideas and trends.

One brown rock, seven ways

Tired of the same old diamond ring design? Don’t worry, new and eye-catching trends are always hitting the market. We know just how you can fashion your big chocolate-colored rock so that no one misses it!

  • Create a halo

As a general rule, brownstones do not reflect as much light. If you are looking to accentuate the color, a halo setting will be the best for you. Your big brown rock will be in the center surrounded by smaller rocks – could be white diamonds or any other color you want – creating a halo-like effect. With this cluster of rocks on your finger, next time you move your hand, no one will be able to miss it.

  • Focus on ovals

This year, ovals are going to be the new big thing. You should give this trend some serious thought if your Chocolate Diamond® is cut in an oval shape. The brown rock will be the center of attention, laid in a horizontal or east-west oval setting with tiny stones dotting the band. If you are interested in a simpler, chic look, you could just get the diamond set on a plain band and skip the smaller diamonds on it entirely.

  • The simple solitaire

Solitaires are the safest bet if you are confused between multiple options. They were popular last year and from the looks of it, their popularity isn’t going down this year either. Your Chocolate Diamond® can always be set on a plain band with four or six prongs, depending on the cut of your stone. Pair the stone with rose gold or yellow gold band to bring out it warmth, and you have got yourself a simple yet gorgeous ring for everyday wear.

  • Fancy cuts

Looking to add more bling with your stone? Go with fancy cut stones – these celebrities are doing so. Whether it is Jenifer Lopez you want to get your inspiration from or Priyanka Chopra, a lot of celebrities have ditched the simple style and gone full out fancy. Have a pear cut Chocolate Diamond®? Add more bling to it with a halo of more diamonds and give your ring the look of one massive glittering giant. Want to use multiple colored stones? Three stone diamond rings will accommodate your brown rock and any other color rock you have.

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