The jewelry pieces worn by celebrities are excellent for inspiration if you are looking to add some sparkle to your life. Whether it is the Grammy’s or fashion shows, these celebrities know how to impress the audience.

We have scoured through tomes of pictures of some of the most cherished celebrities and gathered the top five flaunting breathtaking jewels they wore last year.


Rihanna never fails to take our breath away with her bold but gorgeous choices. Last year for the Grammy awards, she once again adorned jewels that complimented her chocolate tone. She dazzled the audience with a 27-carat Chocolate Diamond® necklace and a pair of 15-carat caramel quartz earrings. These glittering rocks have been aptly named – their delicate chocolate coloring will melt your heart just the way Rihanna did at the Grammy’s.

These brown colored stones haven’t been in vogue for long so the choice to adorn them was most definitely a bold, yet a successful one that only A list celebrity like Rihanna could pull off.


The Queen – B of our hearts went against all rules and wore these long, angular Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings. The massive earrings unabashedly captured everyone’s attention and stole hearts – a true favorite from the 2018 Grammy’s. Beyoncé knows how to make an entrance; arriving mid-show, in her long black gown, her statement earrings hit all the right notes with the audience.

Lady Gaga

When we are discussing diamonds, engagement rings are bound to enter the scene once at least. Last year, this was the case with lady gaga, the style icon who never ceases to experiment with her fashion. Whether it is wearing dresses that push boundaries or big, glittering rock – gaga knows how to carry it all.

The most memorable look from last year in diamonds was undoubtedly her massive, 11-13-carat engagement ring. Diamond connoisseurs speculate the big, pink-colored rock nestling on her finger is a very rare pink diamond, surrounded by several white diamonds. This cluster of stones is an attention-grabbing number and has already gotten its fair share of press since last year.

Taylor Swift

Are you a fan of black diamonds? If so, you are going to fall in love with what Taylor swift flaunted at in 2018 American Music Awards. The celebrity singer has a pair of diamond square hoop earrings in her, a different take to traditional black diamond drop jewelry. With these lovely hoops, she paired a serpent ring – and you guessed that right – dotted with some more black diamonds. This serpent ring is the same one worn by Rihanna at the 2018 Grammy’s.

Camilla Cabello

Her glossy dark hair manages to make her stand out in a crowd, but when paired with a scarlet gown and glitzy rocks in her ears and hands, the signer manages to dazzle everyone. This was her look on the red carpet last year. Her glittering Bulgari chandelier jewels stood out perfectly against her glossy brown hair.


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