Chocolate Diamonds® are considered to be rare in nature. They are brown in color, hence the name attributed to them. These diamonds are also more affordable than colorless ones and are sourced mostly from Brazil, Congo, Angola, Borneo and Australia.


The first time these diamonds were used as jewelry was in the 2nd century. Romans first incorporated brown diamonds into wearable jewelry via stone rings. They were sought after due to their rarity. But how rare are Chocolate Diamonds® actually? People have argued that “chocolate” diamonds are simply “brown” diamonds and in fact, those are the most common diamonds available.


However, there is a distinction. While the color brown is the most common diamond with colorless being the next, chocolate is actually rare. Brown diamonds are considered to be dirty and unattractive so many people do not bother with them.


The Rareness of Brown Diamonds

The leading industry experts for gemstones are the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They have both agreed that fancy color diamonds found naturally are very rare. This includes brown diamonds as well. The NCDIA is known as the leading authority on naturally colored diamonds. According to them, only 1 out of every 10,000 diamonds mined is a natural color diamond.


There are quite a number of colored diamonds, some considered rarer than others. The GIA is another leader in the diamond grading industry. They state that only one in ten thousand diamonds mined has a naturally fancy color. There is a recurring misconception that brown diamonds are “common”. A more accurate statement is that among the rare natural fancy color diamonds, brown diamonds are common among the rare.


Classification of Brown Diamonds

The interesting rareness of these brown Chocolate Diamonds® is that both the NCDIA and GIA says they all range from the same color scale. From C1 to C7, there is a wide selection range that these diamonds fall under. Their use in jewelry is much narrower, as only the top range of brown diamonds are made into Chocolate Diamond® accessories. The diamonds in the range C4 to C7 are around .30 carats and smaller and those from C5 to C7 are larger than .30 carats.


Quality of Chocolate Diamonds®

There seem to be exponentially more poor-quality brown diamonds available when compared to high-quality ones. Of the tiny percentage of high-quality brown diamonds, a very tiny percentage eventually become Chocolate Diamonds®. Those who do not make the cut get lumped in with all the other brown diamonds. The wide generalization leads to an overall decrease in the market value for most of these brown diamonds.


The strength of color in diamonds is also one of the most important factors while determining their value. The narrow range for the larger stones is so that the color saturation of the diamond is richer and meets the required standard for to be a Chocolate Diamond®. If the color saturation is richer and the tone of color of the natural brown diamond is darker, it is considered to be rarer than other diamonds.



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