Unbeatable features of food delivery apps

Still wondering if a food delivery app is worth the investment or not? Here are all the unbeatable features that will convince you it’s time to benefit from these apps.   Mouthwatering pictures Just looking at visually appealing food can make you hungry; it’s true. Food delivery apps know how to harness this human behavior

Improving workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is important for any and every business to flourish. Employees are like cogs of a wheel – if they don’t perform sufficiently, the wheel will either slow down or stop altogether. In business terms, things will take a downward spiral. Workplace productivity is the sweet spot a lot of employers don’t manage to

Local SEO and why businesses need it

SEO is a traditionally important tool used for search engine visibility. It has been long used in combination with other forms of digital marketing to keep up with this continuous race of visibility. Local SEO is different than SEO and cannot be used interchangeably with it. In fact, local SEO aims at increasing visibility locally

Boosting your sales with social media

When surveyed, 78% of consumers said social media has at least some influence on their purchase decisions. This survey accompanied with the number of social media users – 2.46 billion by the way – indicates what we knew already: social media is crucial in boosting sales. The next step is to employ this platform to