Losing weight is not as difficult as finding the motivation to workout. Even with numerous fitness apps available in the market, it can become a hard task to gather the willpower and motivation to actually deploy those apps in the daily routine. Sometimes rewards serve as the best kick to push you in gear. Alleviate your dwindling bank account and alongside be fit and healthy with these best fitness apps.

  • Nexercise

This fitness training app is more like a game than a workout. This training app gives you the reward of discounted gym memberships, energy bars, spa treats, healthy dining options, etc. after you have spent just 15 minutes in motion. The best part of this app is that it counts any activity as exercise whether you are walking your dog or sprinting on the hill. The app is available on both Google Play and App Store.

  • Virgin Pulse

Unlike other fitness apps, this app is designed to keep workforce healthy and fit. Employers enroll their employees in this reward program cum fitness app where users are rewarded Virgin health miles for calories tracked, exercise tracked and other special milestones completed. Users can trade in their reward miles for gift cards.

  • Higi

This fitness app rewards users for a number of health-related tasks. Higi syncs with other fitness tracker apps and rewards you with points for every step taken and exercise completed. Throughout the city, there are numerous Higi check-in stations that allows you to get your Higi score which includes your BMI, pulse rate and blood pressure. This app, however, doesn’t allow you to trade in your reward points for gift cards or cash instead you can redeem your points for coupons or health products.

  • GymPact

Nothing sounds better than cash in your bank account that is earned alongside increased health. GymPact is one of the best fitness apps that offer cash rewards for sticking to your exercise routine. This app also slaps with a lazy tax if the individual has signed up and hasn’t been active. It works this way. When you sign up, you commit to GymPact to hit the gym 3 times a week for 45 minutes. When you do, the money is transferred to your PayPal account. When you don’t, a pre-decided amount is deducted from your account. This app is perfect for people who needs a monetary punch to get them going.

  • AchieveMint

This fitness app awards reward points for a variety of things such as weight, calories and even being social about your health achievements. Once a user reaches 50,000 points, they can redeem the reward points for $50 visa card. You can also connect AchieveMint profile to your Fitbit to earn rewards for every step taken.

It can be rather frustrating when you have tried everything to stay on a health plan and failed. With fitness apps offering reward programs, get healthy now, increase your lifespan and enjoy those extra bucks that you earn as a reward!